Sneaker Pimps

11 11 2009

Appropriately categorized as British trip-hop . Sneaker Pimps pioneered the genre.  Releasing their first album in 1996, the group found their name from an article which described the “Sneaker Pimp “, a man the Beastie Boys hired to find rare kicks. Between albums , the group switched vocalists from a male to female voice. The mixture of vocals is reflective in the album “Bloodsport” . Bop your head to the beats.


Featured Artist : Daina Lightfoot

14 10 2009

Up and coming interactive designer, photographer, and shred patron Daina Lightfoot rips the mountains of BC while supporting the local scene. Her photos and interactive work are reminiscent of snowboard graphic art and classic print ads. Reppin Kelowna ,BC..check it.

MGMT – Climbing to New Lows

1 10 2009

As most know MGMT for the album “Oracular Spectacular”, light has been shed on “Climbing to New Lows” , released in 2005.  It’s referred to as a blueprint for some of the newer tracks such as “Kids” and “Time To Pretend” . I thoroughly enjoyed “Money To Burn” and “Grutu” .  Listen to it here .

Featured Brand: GRN Apple Tree

29 09 2009

The apples don’t fall far from the tree. Clothing demonstrated as a metaphor to Newton or gravity. Boutique style t-shirts, knits, and jackets are the primary emphases of GRN Apple Tree .

Explode Into Colors

22 09 2009

PDX funk-hop trifecta ripping the sounds and colors with rhythm sections, drum hooks, and horn riffs. The music goes good with exploding colors. Check it out.


Featured Artist: Barry McGee

16 09 2009

Painter , graffiti artist, and RVCA ANP member Barry McGee congers up backgrounds with simple shapes , colorways, and patterns. His work has been featured on the Ride DH snowboard and among numerous San Francisco and SoCal art shows. Check his work at the RVCA ANP site.

barry mcgee


15 09 2009

We Are The Superlative Conspiracy Sing it loud, the social well of style and wisdom. WESC stressing creativity from all facets and the endless party.